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Cannabis Therapeutics

The Latest Research and Clinical Pearls for Medical Professionals

A recent survey revealed that 89% of medical professionals in the US felt unqualified to prescribe medical cannabis; 35% felt unable to answer patient questions. This course has been developed by professionals for professionals to get you up to speed on the ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages, of administering medical cannabis. It is based on the latest science and infused with clinical wisdom gathered by the world’s most experienced physicians. It is designed to be digestible, enjoyable and practical.

Topics covered: Cannabis Education, Marijuana Research, Effects of Cannabis, Methods of Administration, Dosing, Effects of THC and CBD, Cannabis Risks and Contraindications

Perfect for: Medical Professionals, Physicians, Integrative Physicians, Nurse Practitioners & Nurses, Physical Therapists, Health Coaches 


Counter Intelligence

For Dispensary Workers & Industry Personnel

The dispensary is often the first point of contact between patients and products. Knowing how to address a patient’s concerns and needs within the law is crucial. But it’s also essential that dispensary personnel are educated about safe handling and storing of products -- from cannabis plants and flowers, to oils and edibles -- as well as knowing how they are best used. This course will bring you up to speed quickly.

Topics covered: The Law in Your State, Cannabis Education, Cannabis Cultivation, Safe Handling, Budtending 101, Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry, How to Speak to Patients, What You Can Say and Can't Say

Perfect for: Industry Personnel, Budtenders, Dispensary Workers, Cultivators


Relief Without the High

For Patients Suffering from Pain, Insomnia and Stress/Anxiety Who Want Relief Without Getting High.

Science is demonstrating what patients have been reporting for years: Medical cannabis is an effective and safe method of treating conditions such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This course is created for people who need to medicate daily and function fully. It will help you find relief without the high and without the side effects of over-the-counter or prescription medicines. Easy to follow, doctor approved, and 100% safe.

Topics covered: CBD (Cannabidiol), Vaporizing, Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles, Dosing, Legal Cannabis, Medical Cannabis Cards

Perfect for: Patients Suffering from Pain (Chronic or Neuropathic), Insomnia, Stress or Anxiety

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